About Our Coach

Hi! I am Ai Nee    A member of International Coaching Federation

I lost a very close cousin to depression many years ago. It was very painful for me, and for the whole family.

I had a difficult and turbulent childhood growing up. I stumbled along, got knocked over time and again in the school of life. When I sunk to the deepest of the darkest hole, I realized that there was no other way but to make the choice to crawl out; and I decided that I want to live with happiness and joy, which deep down inside, I knew I deserved.

My cousin's passing was the tipping point. She was my mirror. Her death was my wake-up call. We all have choices. We, only we alone, can decide which choice to make.

With that new self-awareness, I began my journey of searching. Along the way, I learnt many modalities that helped me battled my own demons.

From successful careers in service line, to personal sale, to corporate sale, and finally stepping out of my comfort zone to run my own not one, not two, not three but four businesses, which I succeeded in some and failed miserably in the other; from lost and hurt many times over in love, to happily married with children; it has been a hell of a roller coaster ride.

I am a certified ACTA trainer (Advanced Certificate in Training and Assessment), recognized by the Singapore Workforce Development Agency (WDA). I have years of corporate training experience, helping teams across industries such as retail, F&B, manufacturing, construction, transportation, finance, Volunteer Welfare Organisations (VWO), as well as developing individuals in their personal challenges.

I am an eternal optimist, and I believe everyone has choices. Sometimes they are just not obvious to us. No one should suffer in silence. I am committed to work with you, whole heartedly and authentically, so that you too, can make that choice. The choice that will help you rediscover the role that resonate closely to your heart, so that you too, can become the person you most want to be.

Ai Nee - Life Coach
Coaching & Mentoring Programs Advisor of Travcon

Ai Nee is part of the team in Travcon, being an advisor in the coaching and mentoring programs. Travcon serves in an advisory function as a source of subject matter experts (SMEs) across multi-faceted expertise, such as Aviation Management, Training Development, Aviation Psychology & Health, Safety, Technology Development, Engineering and Gamification.